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Short Descriptions of Orgasm Denial Videos



Orgasm Control

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Mistress Sidonia's slavegirl  and slaveboy have been left in the dungeon and have not been permitted to orgasm for some time. The slavegirl manages to escape from her cage and in her sexual frustration starts playing with the slaveboy's cock as she masturbates. Just as they're really starting to get off, the Mistress enters the chamber and catches the slavegirl cock handed! Now they're in trouble. Both of them need to be reminded that they're only there for the Mistress's sexual pleasure and nothing more. As they've both been so frustrated, Mistress Sidonia dishes out some aphrodisiac tablets and forces them to swallow, washed down with her golden nectar. Now they're going to be sex crazy, but the Mistress has some tease and torment lined up, before their mutual frustration can ever be sated.





Sex Frustration

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The leather sack encased slave is required to service Mistress Sidonia, her personal dehumanised vibrator. She takes pleasure from the well trained tongue, all the while making sure the slave is aware of how worthless and insignificant he is. Mistress then rides the always ready cock and takes her orgasms until satisfied, leaving the slave on the floor unsatisfied, frustrated and ready to be used next time.





Orgasm Release

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Mistress Sidonia keeps strict control over all of her slaves and occasionally allows them to cum, to keep them pliable. This lucky slave is made to worship the Mistress's boots as he is commanded to cum - it's his weekly release time.





Orgasm denial for slave

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The Mistress is feeling horny and wants to use her slave to fully pleasure her. She straddles his face and orders him to use his tongue deep inside her, until she cums.





Mistress cums

Lady Natalie has her personal slave in bondage, tied between trees in the woods. First she facesits him whilst teasing his cock and balls, then rides his cock for her pleasure, before finally milking him dry and leaving him trussed up in the woods until she may want to use him again...





Face Wank

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The leather clad and capped Mistress uses her hooded slave to pleasure her fully - literately rubbing her pussy into his face.





Tease and Orgasm Denial

The slave is made to wank himself while he is constantly teased by his two Mistresses, who despite how close he gets, won't give him permission to cum. The slave is teased and wanked some more before Mistress Darla spends some time stimulating his G-Spot - they are both really enjoying keeping him on the edge. To continue the slave's sexual torment, Mistress Sidonia sits on his face while Mistress Darla continues stimulating his prostate, they keep making him wank but will they let him cum...





Birdcage Tease

The Mistress enjoys sexually teasing her helpless slave who is suspended in a human bird cage. She fucks herself with a dildo while he watches, making him taste her scent as she then forces this into his mouth while making him wank for her.





Fuck Toy

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Mistress Sidonia uses her sex slave mercilessly for her own pleasure... if he cums without permission she will make him pay severely...





Chastity Tease and Orgasm Denial

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Locked in a cage, the slave is teased and tormented by being made to watch Sahara pleasure herself with the fucking machine.





Red Leather Orgasm Denial

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Dressed in leather the Mistress uses her slave to sexually pleasure her.





No Touching Tease Denial

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The slave is teased and tormented by the three leather clad Mistresses. He is tempted to look at the Mistresses bare breasts, but if he is caught he will be punished. Eventually he is allowed to look, but is reminded that he can never touch...





Cock Teasing

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Held in the leather sleep sack the Mistress teases the helpless slave's cock.





Cock Tease and Milking

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With one of her personal slaves strapped to the bondage wheel, Lady Natalie can use his cock in any angle she chooses. If he pleases her, she may just milk him off into his own face..





Orgasm Control of Fuck Toy

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The session begins with Natalie sitting on the bondage slave's face, as she tugs on his nipples. She then gets down to some hard fucking action and uses the slave's throbbing cock to pleasure herself.





Serving The Mistress

The Mistress has lent her slave out to sexually please another woman. He must spend the afternoon pleasuring her, but is not permitted to see her face.






No Touching Orgasm Control

The slave is on call for the Mistress who is feeling particularly horny and makes full use of her sex slave. Wearing a full leather catsuit the Mistress can use her male slave's cock to pleasure her without allowing him to touch her skin.





Orgasm Denial Fuck

The slave is hooded and in a leather sleep sack with just his cock revealed. He is forced to lick the Mistress's pussy while she smothers him and sits on his face. All the while she wanks his cock to get it hard, so she can use it to fuck and pleasure herself on.





Sexual Use and Orgasm Denial

Slaves are there to please their Mistresses and Mistress Sidonia likes to use hers as her personal sex toys. This one is smothered, face sat, fucked, bitten and made to worship his Mistress's breasts. The Mistress then sits on his cock to use it for her pleasure, once she's finished he must use his tongue on her pussy to clean it up.





The Sex Toy

Locked in a wardrobe and with cock chastity, the sex toy is only ever released when the Mistress wants to use him. Once released from chastity, Mistress Sidonia uses the sex toy's cock, but won't let him cum. The pleasure can only ever be hers.





Orgasm and Wank Control

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The slave is flat out on the slab and ready for Mistress Sidonia to use for her sexual pleasure. First she sits on him, teasing her cunt over his hard and ready cock, before making him suck and lick her nipples. She then sucks his cock to get it even harder and then fucks him hard. When she's finished using him she milks him dry to keep him totally under her control.





Six Glove Cock Tease

Strapped to the table a helpless glove loving slave is teased all over by three Mistresses all in long gloves, one leather, one rubber and one in PVC, all of whom caress his body, gag him and play with his erect cock.





Orgasm Denial, Chastity Belt

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The Mistress enjoys riding her slave's cock whilst he is tightly bound in a leather sack. All the while another slave is made to listen as he is locked in the cage beneath the table, a perfect way to frustrate him as he has also been secured in a chastity device.





The Face Stool Orgasm Denial

Kept tied under her perspex throne the leather clad Mistress can use his mouth to worship her boots before smothering him with her leather mini-skirt. To pleasure her he is then made to lick her through the gusset on her black panties. With his cock locked away and straining in the chastity cage, the Mistress's 'seat' is forced to continue to work his tongue for her pleasure.




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Humiliating Orgasm

The Mistress smokes her cigarette, using the slave's mouth as her ashtray as she uses her heels to tease and toy with his cock and balls. She then instructs him to masturbate and spunk on her boots, then makes him lick them clean.





Fucking, Teasing, Orgasm Denial

The slave is tied in the bondage frame, whilst the Mistress plays and teases with his cock, so much so such that he has little choice but to get get hard and ready for her to use him. After fucking him hard for her ultimate pleasure she plays with his cock, getting him almost to the point of cumming, before she denies his orgasm, simply leaving him in frustration.





Locked in Chastity Orgasm Denial

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Lady Natalie teases her slave who is locked in chastity and confined to the birdcage!





Slave's Life of Tease and Orgasm Denial

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Comfortably the Mistress can sit in her open seated swing and pleasure herself on the slave's tongue, tied beneath her. Having finished with his tongue, the Mistress, still sitting comfortably in her open seated swing, then uses his cock for her pleasure.





Cock Teasing, Cum Licking

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A rubber-clad Lady Natalie sets to work teasing her personal slave & sex toy who has been bound, spread-eagled to the cross. She bites his cock, licks his tied balls, uses a tease wanking sheath on his cock, puts her finger nail down his urethra, double rubber hoods him & smothers him with her bottom. Finally, she fucks him hard until he spunks inside her, holding the cum we watch up close as she squirts it into his mouth.





Punished for Orgasm

The Mistress's sex slave must always be ready and hard and able to control himself - however the slave has an accident and 'prematurely ejaculates' inside her - for Mistress Sidonia any slave who cums without permission is considered 'premature'. As punishment for letting his filth enter her, he is made to suck his mess out of her afterwards.





Pleasuring The Madam

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First the slave must greet Madam by kissing and cleaning her rubber boots then worshipping Madam's body through her rubber. Madam decides to torment his nipples while teasing his cock, before using his tongue and cock to fully pleasure her.





Cuckold in Chastity Belt

A spoilt wife returns home telling her cuckolded husband how she has been with another man and ridiculing him about his 'member'. She then enjoys teasing him by sitting on his face while his bits are restrained and locked away in a CB2000. Still in the CB2000 the spoilt wife sits on her partners face making him lick her thoroughly, tormenting him by telling him he is cleaning up the sex she has had with another man.





Tease and Orgasm Denial

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The slave is tied to the bed, ready to be used as his Mistress's sex slave and toy.





Punishment by Orgasm

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The slave is secretly medicated with viagra making his cock the perfect play thing for his Mistress. Medicated with viagra the slave can now be continually drained - manually and with the milking machine, the perfect way to make him completely submissive. Wanked till hard, fucked then hand wanked again to completion, the slave is now totally drained and begging for no-more... but his Mistress isn't finished yet and connects up the milking machine...





Used Slave

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The slave must pleasure his leather clad Mistress and be fully sexually used by her - as a reward he is permitted to spunk over her leather mini-skirt.





Sex Slave Tease, Cum Licking

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Mistress Sidonia's personal sex slave has been roped to a bed so that she can fully use him. He is made to lick her cunt but his tongue is not working hard enough and so the Mistress both bites and nail wanks his cock as an incentive. Once she is ready, she fucks his cock to pleasure herself, allowing the slave to spunk inside her on condition he licks it out of her afterwards.





The Cum Rules

For this slave the Mistress has rules if he wishes to cum: either her heels must be pushed into his nipples or his tongue must be pushed up her arse - it's his choice...





Rubber and Velvet

Mistress Velvet has her slave encased in a tight rubber body bag, where she can use him for her amusement and sexual pleasure.





Tied and Teased

Tied to the post the slave is teased before being relieved of his pent up frustration...





Teased and Fucked

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The Mistress, wearing soft leather gloves and super thigh high leather boots, fully uses her slave who is strapped to the bondage table.





Orgasm Control

Strapped to the cross on the floor the Mistress uses her slave for her sexual pleasure and then permits him to cum whilst she sits on his face and forces him to lick her arse.




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Tease, Orgasm Denial, Chastity

Mistress Sidonia's little sex toy is all stretched out for a thorough teasing session. As she teases and torments him, his cock strains inside the chastity cage, throbbing and bursting to get out.





Cock Lock Tease

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The pathetic little wanker has had his cock locked away in a chastity cage. He is made to watch the two girls in the changing rooms as they play with each other, teasing him up close, sitting on his face and using dildo's on each other. He quickly becomes desperate to wank, the two girls relish in his torment, which only serves to make them even more horny. They hold the key to unleash his frustration, but will they let him free...





Life in Her Lair

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Natalie lures her next victim from a bar in town. When he awakes, he finds himself locked in a box in Natalie's secret underground chamber. Locked in chastity, he is tormented and teased, all at the Mistress's pleasure.





The Orgasm Clinic

Nurses Lexi and Sidonia have to deal with two serial wanker patients. They devise a plot to allow one to cum, if the other takes some punishment. The male patient has his cock and balls strapped onto a punishment board, for some intense electrical therapy and heavy pegging. He is then made to pleasure the slavegirl with a cock gag. The slavegirl is then fucked by Nurse Lexi with a strapon, before the tables are turned and the slavegirl teases and sucks the male patients cock, but will she take more pain so that he can cum?





Cuckold Slave Made to Watch

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A dominant wife has cuckolded her husband and turned him into her slave. She puts him into a chastity device and then makes him both watch and clean her boots while she fucks a younger man in front of him. Finally making him clean up the mess afterwards.





Cock Tease

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The rubber encased slave is at the total mercy of his Mistress who is clad in a latex cat-suit. First she shaves his cock and controls his breathing all in preparation for her milking machine. The slave's cock is continually teased, he's masturbated with a gloved hand, an electric massager and finally has a vibrator taped to his cock. The torment of the rubber-clad slave continues with electrical stimulation. Finally, the sexually tormented slave is emptied with the milking machine.





Red Glove Tease  

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Bondage Cock Tease

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The Mansion is pleased to introduce the stunning, super sexy & totally perverted Lady Natalie. Here she uses her slave, who is mummified in tape, to pleasure her.





Glove Wank

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Teased and Milked

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The Hooded Rubber Mistress teases her slave in the rubber sack for some time. She shaves his cock and balls, washes his cock out, straps it to her cock and ball board, with vibrating clamps and then uses various electrical toys to get it really hard before employing the milking machine.





Rubber Tease

Encased in the rubber sack Mistress Sidonia teases and torments her slave.





Rubber Dance

Having left her personal slave in bondage, while she was out clubbing, she returns still in the party mood and decides to tease and torment him to music with a raunchy rubber dance. This gets the mistress a little hot and sweaty, so she decides to shower herself down and uses the slave to lick her dry...





Rubber Cum

While inside an all encompassing rubber sack the slave is made to lick his Mistress in her rubber before he is gagged with a rubber pump up gag. She wants to now milk him and has a new device to really get him hard, a 'warm water vagina'. Next she teases his cock by sitting and rubbing herself on him through the tight rubber crutch of her catsuit. Finally after all this teasing she wanks him to completion.





cock tease

The slave must learn that his place is at the Mistress's boots and that he will rarely be allowed any form of release, but will endure a life of teasing and denial.









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