Orgasm Denial
Tease Denial
cock tease, tease denial, orgasm denial, orgasm control
orgasm denial, tease denial, orgasm control
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Ruined orgasm, chastity and teasing.


Male Slave Humiliation


Mistress of Tease and Orgasm Denial

Meet Mistresses of chastity, orgasm denial and teasing. Enter into their world of tease and denial, cum control and ruined orgasm methods. Take a look at extract of videos made by them. Suffer for them.


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orgasm denial, cum control
tease denial, orgasm denial





Orgasm Denial video trailers

Documentary videos by real femdom couple. Husband is humiliated, tesed and often deinied an orgasm for the pleasure of his dominant wife.



Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial

One form of controlled orgasm denial is male chastity. You can tease your male as much as you want and then lock him back into a chastity device.



Tease Denial and Male Chastity

By enforcing staying chaste, the Domme controls one of the most itimite aspects of life of her sub. Forced chastity implies that the sub hands over the control of his sexlife totally to his Domme. She decided when and how he is allowed orgasms.



Humiliating Orgasm

More ways for tease humiliation and denial of orgasms for slaves.



Orgasm Denial

Femdom documentary - peek into the life of real couple.




Tease Cum Denial
Orgasm Denial Tease


Orgasm Denial for Newbies

It takes a while for his body to adjust to more extended denial. This is necessary, because the REAL changes that you both want, do not really begin to occur until at least 4-5 weeks of denial. After one month of no orgasms, the male begins to enter a sort of euphoria.



Tease Denial Experiences

She wished me luck. She then started to ride me. Soon she had four orgasms over a period of 2 hours. I could not bring myself to an single orgasm. All this time my pole was hard and erect.



Orgasm Denial Experiences

As worked up as I stay, I am required to masturbate daily to ejaculation without orgasm. I'm allowed to use toys, but only if I don't cum with them (because I can't stop the orgasm). I get punished if I miss.



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Orgasm denial, is a sexual practice in which a person is kept in the plateau phase of sexual arousal for an extended length of time without being allowed to orgasm.


This is, in this website, practiced in association with BDSM, and can be thought of as a more extreme version of orgasm control, which ends in climax. The subject may either be allowed an orgasm at the end (in which case, the orgasm is generally much stronger than normal) or denied one.


An alternative form of erotic sexual denial or tease denial is the total denial of all genital stimulation. To ensure a total denial of stimulation a couple may use a chastity device that physically prevents touch and/or full erection.


Tease denial (also known as cock teasing) is a sexual technique involving an active partner taking control over a passive partner's orgasm. The orgasm denial technique can be used by anybody regardless of sexual orientation. Orgasm denial is sometimes called "slow masturbation", but any method of stimulation (such as oral, sex toys or intercourse) can be used by the active partner, not just manual stimulation.


The aim of tease denial or orgasm denial is to prolong the powerful sexual sensations that occur during the final build-up to orgasm. The physical demands of being kept in this highly-excited state for a time can induce a very pleasurable, almost euphoric state in the passive partner. An active partner may derive pleasure from witnessing their partner in such an excited state.


Orgasm denial may include elements of Bondage, Erotic Humiliation, and Servitude, but humiliation originates from the desire to relinquish sexual control and also to be pleasing to one’s partner.




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Ass Domination - Tease Denial

Tease denial while worshipping dominant female ass.



Orgasm Denial and CBT

Unauthorized erection will be punished. Orgasm will be denied.



Of Chastity Belts, Tease and Denial

You are free to have an orgasm while wearing a chastity belt. If you can.



Cock Teasing

You can watch, but cannot touch.



Orgasm Approved - Creampie Humiliation

You are teased and forced to lick cum. Humiliating orgasm is the only way for you. What a rush!

After all this tease and orgasm denial you'll be happy to slurp it.



Facesitting and Orgasm Denial, a nice game to play

The only thing missing on her pussy is your face.



Foot Tease, Denial and Domination

Footslave's duty is to lick, not to orgasm. The aroma of femdom feet is the only reward.



Orgasm Denial for BI Slave

The only orgasm you can get is humiliating forced BI orgasm. Just because you have penis and balls, doesn't mean you are allowed to have orgasm.



Milking - Orgasm Denial or Not?

It must be so frustrating to feel cum dribling from your cock without the orgasm relief.



Orgasm Allowed

But all good things come with a price.



Tease and Denial

She does not want you to have a nice satisfying orgasm. She teases you and denies the pleasure.



Orgasm Denial in Marriage

You don't ask for sex. You don't expect sex. You don't get sex. Ever again. Tease, denial, frustration and humiliation is more then enough for a good submissive husband.



No Orgasm for Cuckold Husband

Your wife and her lover decided that her pussy is off limits for you, except for creampie cleanings. They just love your blue balls.

Total sex denial means no touching, no watching and no thinking about your wife's naked pussy.



Tease Denial Humiliation